San Diego Imperial Section Awards

The purpose of the ESNA and ESN Awards are to annually recognize and honor California School Nurses and California School Nurse Administrators from each Section who demonstrate excellence in school nursing practice and leadership in school health.  Each section selects a candidate for ESNA, and candidate for ESN and a Partner in Education.  ESNA and ESN candidates advance to the State for recognition and applications must be submitted on the State CSNO website by December 15.  Sections' selection of Partner in Education must be submitted by December 15 and individuals are recognized at CSNO's Annual State Conference. 

Eligibility Criteria:

Excellence in School Nursing Administration (ESNA) Nominee must be:
  1. A credentialed school nurse;
  2. A member in good standing of CSNO for the preceding two years;
  3. Completed five years in school health experience, currently practice full-time and have as their main responsibility the supervision, administration, and coordination of nursing service and health programs
  4. Evidence of excellence in school nursing administration based on Scope and Standards for Nurse Administrators, 3rd Ed (American Nurses Association).

Excellence in School Nursing (ESA) Nominee must be:
  1. A credentialed school nurse.
  2. A member in good standing of CSNO for the preceding two years.
  3. A school nurse that has practiced at least five years within school nursing.
  4. A currently practicing school nurse of at least 50%. *If the only school nurse position in a community involves fewer hours than usual, it will be considered for the purpose of this eligibility criteria.
  5. Evidence of excellence in school nursing practice  based on School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Professional School Nursing Practice, 2nd Ed, 2011 (NASN and American Nurses Association).

Partner in Education Nominee:
The section's nominee may be a school board member, superintendent, administrator (i.e. director, principal), parent/family/student or community partner who has advocated or supported school health services and/or school nursing.  Individuals will be recognized annually at the CSNO State Conference.