Legislative Updates

By Elaine Kooima, Government Relations Chair & Vanessa Forsythe

GRC Legislative Priorities 2021

1. Support research and activities that promote the physical health, safety and emotional
wellbeing of students as a result of adequate utilization of the student support services
2. Support the development and administration of programs, activities, and events that
promote the sufficient use of credentialed school nurses to meet the evolving needs of
3. Support collaboration of a coalition of service providers to meet the needs of the whole
student, optimizing the student’s complete involvement in school activities and
4. Support the funding of programs and services that help to develop and promote school
nurse services in conjunction with other support providers.



Main Bills CSNO is supporting pertinent to school nursing:
AB 285 (Holden) – School Nurse Consultant – Support, CDE has agreed to support
Referred to appropriations. The bill would require the state school nurse consultant to work with school districts and school nurses to promote quality school nursing services and school health programs that address the broad health needs of pupils, among other responsibilities. The bill would require the state school nurse consultant to annually report to the Governor and the Legislature a summary of the year’s activities and specific recommendations.

AB 563 (Berman) Office of School Health is on consent after reviewed by AB Health Committee. Requires the California Department of Education (CDE) to establish an Office of School-Based Health (Office), specifies its duties, which include assisting local educational agencies with information on and participation in Medi-Cal school-based health programs. Complete list of current bills that CSNO GRC has taken a position can be found by members in the link above.