Legislative Updates

By Elaine Kooima, Government Relations Chair


    GRC will be following the 2020 Legislation related to school nursing and health care.

    2020 Legislation session started 1/6/2020. 
    At the CSNO State conference – will finalize bills that CSNO will watch, support or oppose
    Governor Newsom to consider State generic prescription medication program – the goal is to reduce cost to individuals.

2019 Legislation Passed

  • SB 328 – School start time effective July 2022. 
  • SB 276& SB 714   - Immunizations and exemptions. 
  • SB 223 – Pupil health; administration of medicinal cannabis on school sites, effective January 2020.  With a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana, parents can administer nonsmoking medical cannabis products – pills, creams and oils onto school campuses to administer to their children.
  • AB 743 Pupil Health. Would require a school district to accept a written statement from a physician to carry & self-administer an asthma inhaler from a physician contracted with a prepaid health plan operating lawfully under the laws of Mexico that is licensed with a health care service plan in this state. (A physician in Mexico contracted with a CA health insurance plan can prescribed this medication for CA schools) (CSNO agreed to support after agreeing to send in an amendment regarding orders and medication to be in English).

2019 CSNO co-sponsored bills – both vetoed

  • AB 258: Pupil health. School-Based Pupil Support Services Program Act. To award grants to LEA to provide case-managed health, mental health social and academic at qualifying schools to support eligible pupils and families. 
  • AB 1322 School-based health programs. State Department of Education by 7/1/20 to establish an Office of School-Based Health Programs for administering health related programs including Medi-Cal services.  Advisory groups such as school-based health, dental and mental health will be formed. 

2019  Watched bills that were vetoed or held in committee

  • AB 500 – Parental leave VETOED. Would require K-14 school districts to provide certificated and classified employees paid leave for a minimum of six weeks for pregnancy and maternity leave.    
  • AB 8 Pupil health: mental health professionals. HELD IN COMMITTEE. Would require by 12/31/22, a school/school district to have a mental health professional for every 400 pupils accessible to pupils during school hours. School with fewer than 400 pupils to have one mental health professional to serve multiple schools. (Schools counselors have issues with this bill. Discussion school nurses possibly considered mental health professionals.)
  • SB 428 Youth mental health. School employee training; mental health first aid. HELD IN COMMITTEE. Require an evidence –based training program for each LEA to train classified and certificated school employees having direct contact with pupils on youth mental health first aid. 

2020 Proposed Legislation

  • Assembly Bill 1835.  This bill would require districts to keep track of unspent funds  intended for high needs students for a school year. Presently, districts can roll over funding for high-needs students( English learners, low-income, foster and homeless) into their general all-purpose general fund and then spend the money “however they want the following year”. This bill is to eliminate this loophole.
  • Assembly Bill 1834. This would require the state to create a methodology to track and uniformly code districts “supplemental and concentration” funding  (for high needs students) so the the public can better understand how districts are using the funding.

2020 Focus: mental health