School Nurses Optimize Student Health & Enhance Learning


The mission of California School Nurses Organization, the leading force for excellence in school health services, is to ensure that school nurses optimize student health and enhance learning through a network distinguished by:
  • Facilitating grassroots efforts within regional sections
  • Developing and providing professional learning opportunity
  • Fostering the development of leaders
  • Conducting research and using evidence based practice
  • Providing standards of care
  • Advocating for school health services.
CSNO Bylaws
CSNO Standing Rules



  • The health, well-being and safety of the student is always our highest priority.
  • We never compromise the quality of our care and services.
  • We respect the worth and dignity of each person.
We believe that:
  • Every person has inherent value
  • A person's health does not determine the limit of his/her success.
  • Every person deserves to be safe.
  • Education is a fundamental right.
  • The strength of a community is the health of its people.
  • Working together optimizes results.
  • Each person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Each person is holistically unique.
  • Diversity is an asset.
  • Relationships are based on truth and integrity


Who We Are

San Diego County is home to 42 school districts and 119 charter schools, with 769 schools and almost 500,000 students.
The City of San Diego has the second largest school district in California, San Diego Unified School District.

Imperial County is home to sixteen independent school districts.   CSNO SD/I provides professional support and education related to school health issues and concerns for school nurses in both San Diego and Imperial Counties.